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Welcome :)

Welcome to the music site of Ryan Ruiz. Here you will find various pictures from performances, live and home recorded audio, drawings and other works, as well as information on my setup. This site is under construction and I will be sure to update as soon as possible.


I started playing guitar when I was about 14. One of my first nights playing guitar, I used an acoustic and I hated it. Little did I know, as my musical abilities and interests matured, acoustic guitar would become my musical instrument of choice. Initially, I played electric guitar and sang, reluctantly, for an alternative rock-styled band. This was shortlived, and I went on to continue pursuing what I loved to do - play music. I've had a few musical partners along the way, and while I do want to have a band eventually, I am currently focusing on a solo style type of play. This is not for the long term, but instead, is to build up a catalog of original songs. Much of my early playing was based around performing covers, but now I feel its time to share my originals with whoever would like to hear them.

I have been playing for about 4 years now. I play acoustic guitar and I sing. I wouldn't place my music in any particular genre, seeing as how I have influences from jazz to regae to classical. I hope you enjoy.







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